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Pinterest API Approved FAQs

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Pinterest API approved schedulers like TrafficWonker allow you to create any password for your account. Your secret Pinterest account password is not required. After you create your TrafficWonker account our tool will be listed on your Pinterest account Settings page, and will include the June 13, 2016 approval date.

Being a Pinterest Marketing Partner requires that you spend a minimum of $3,000 per month on Pinterest Promoted Pins. We rely on free social media advertising, and pass the savings on to you.

No Babysitting Required! TrafficWonker reviews stats, plans strategy, fills your queue, and posts pins automatically.

The endless hours most schedulers require for queue coddling end here. Just fill your library once. Expert does the rest. It’s that simple.


ExpertTM makes everyone a Pinterest marketing expert.

The Ultimate Pinterest "Hack" is as Easy as Paste-Click-Share.

Your followers love fresh pins. When you share them, engagement with your account and your own pins goes up. Just paste the board URL, and click FastFill™. TrafficWonker scans the board for the pins with the most saves, and adds up to 50 pins to your account in seconds. It's that easy!

Upload pins one at a time, or bulk upload pins from your boards or any board on Pinterest.

I love TrafficWonker - It takes the guesswork out of marketing, blog traffic is up, and my Pinterest followers have tripled!

Selina Hoit

Owner of Creative Juices Decor

TrafficWonker helps small businesses like yours crush their Pinterest marketing.

Save Time

TrafficWonker doesn't ask you to queue pins over and over again. Instead, you add pins to your library once. The WonkerBots watch for trends and rebuild your queue each week to maximize engagement.

Get More Repins

Our data-driven study, The Science of Scheduling Pinterest Pins, shows that posting 72 pins per day to Pinterest helps you get the most repins. TrafficWonker is designed for that.

Measure Your Success

Measure your repin and follower growth with real-time SimpleStatsTM without being overwhelmed with data.

Perfect for Beginners

Our ExpertTM tool is perfect for beginners because it manages everything. All you do is fill your library with pins. ExpertTM makes you a Pinterest marketing superstar!

Keep Your Account Safe

We're approved by Pinterest to post pins on your behalf with the Pinterest API. This means that your password is safe with us. Not all of our competitors are Pinterest approved.

Multiple Accounts with One Login

Sign into one account and easily navigate to multiple queues. Add another account in seconds.


Delete the duplicates automatically.

AutoClearTM automatically deletes duplicates for you. Enjoy the benefits of repinning, while maintaining duplicate-free boards. If you'd prefer to leave pins on your boards simply turn AutoClearTM off.

Built by and for small business owners, with your unique needs in mind.

Manually pinning wasn’t as effective as scheduling pins, and we didn’t want to get locked into a never-ending cycle of filling our queue week after week. There had to be a better way!

That’s when we created TrafficWonker - initially for our business, and now for you too.

Join us and other business owners who skipped the endless hours of reviewing stats and filling queues, and headed straight to the Pinterest scheduler that's redefining automation.