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There are many tasks that you need to do yourself, like answering email, commenting on blog posts, or creating fresh tweets. Some tasks can be automated to give you more time to focus on your business, rather than social media.

While all social media marketing tools automate something, they often aren't big time savers. With all the hats small business owners need to wear it's nice to have a few tools working for you that are designed for "heavy lifting." This is my short list of tools that do just that.

1) TrafficWonker

TrafficWonker, with the introduction of their Expert™ tool, has "time-saving" dialed in better than any other Pinterest scheduling tool.

"Why do we love it so darn much," you ask? Besides that fact that it's our tool, we can name three big reasons:

a) Expert™ - Expert™ is a machine learning tool for Pinterest that automatically reviews pin stats every day. Then once each week it plans a new pin strategy and builds a brand new queue, posting your best pins at the best times. When trends change, so does your queue. Most Pinterest schedulers ask fill and refill your queue, check the stats and fill it again - forever. There's no queue babysitting required with TrafficWonker. Just fill your library once. It's that simple.

b) Auto-Clear™ - AutoClear™ helps you enjoy the benefits of repinning while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards.

c) TrafficWonker is affordable. Start for free and then pay as little as $7 per month.

2) CrowdFire

CrowdFire recently got a big update and now includes some of the most advanced automation tools for Twitter.

CrowdFire includes tools to search for and unfollow inactive Twitter users and automatically post cross-platform content. However, the real magic happens with the Curated Posts feature. Curated Posts automatically finds the best content to share with your audience. None of us are able to crank out a brand new post every day, but we do need to keep our audience engaged with great content. That's where Curated Posts comes in. CrowdFire's Curated Posts tool finds fresh posts for you every day based on your preferred sources and selected topics. Curated Posts does the hard work and turns it over to you when it's time to share. Then it's just scroll, tap and share.

4) Socialert

Do you wish you were more in touch with your social media audience? Socialert tracks and reports everything, so the hours you used to spend trying to stay connected are condensed to minutes.

Socialert makes it easy to track hashtags and keywords in real-time. If you're mentioned in a post you'll never miss a conversation. This feature also helps you connect with influencers and monitor your brand. If you like printing and reviewing your data, Socialert provides in-depth reports that can be exported into CSV format.

5) RecurPost

Need a social media scheduler for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that's as easy and effective as TrafficWonker? Meet RecurPost.

RecurPost features a self-filling queue that allows you to schedule updates to all three sites at the same time. Just fill your Content Library and set your posting schedule. Options include looping your posts forever or setting an expiration date.

RecurPost plans start at FREE forever for up to 100 Content Library posts. If you only have one social media account to manage the free account is great. Just add your new post when you create it and delete the posts that aren't attracting interest. If you have multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), or multiple sites like we do, you can upgrade to a paid account for a very reasonable price.

5) Meet Edgar

Like, Recurpost, Meet Edgar is a smartly designed tool for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that helps you make the most every minute you invest in social media marketing.

Start by building an unlimited, categorized library of social updates for your personal and business accounts. Then tell Edgar how and when you'd like to post your updates. Edgar takes it from there, keeping your queue filled every minute of every day. The most impressive new feature was added in response to Twitter's policy update which requires user updates to always be fresh. Edgar now allows members to easily automate the creation of varied tweets.

6) Tweepi

Tweepi makes building Twitter followers easy.

Tweepi begins by finding relevant users who will be interested in your tweets. Then Tweepi helps you to engage these users by @mentioning them in your tweets, following them back, and adding them to a list.

7) Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz unites business owners that want to partner in marketing each others posts and products.

Viral Content Buzz is a free social media marketing platform that helps you build ‘buzz’ for your high-quality post and products. It does this by connecting you with eager business owners that want to partner with you to promote content and products across several social sites. You'll build your traffic by putting your content in front of other audiences, and you'll have fresh content to share with your appreciative readers.

Whether you're a small business owner or social media manager you're sure to find great value in the tools I mentioned on this list. If I missed one of your favorite social media automation tools please shoot me an email. I'd be glad to consider adding it.

by Andy Fling
Founder and CEO of

Hi, I'm Andy Fling, the founder of I help small business owners and bloggers build businesses they love through Pinterest marketing.

In my free time I play the trumpet, draw, hang out with family and friends, and play fetch with our dog Chester - he rolls the ball and I fetch it.

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