How to Grow Your Pinterest Followers :: The Ultimate Guide

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Want More Pinterest Followers?

Without followers, your pins will rarely be seen. That's because Pinterest shows your pins to your followers first. If they like them, Pinterest will share them with even more visitors.

Check out this post to learn 10 valuable tips on how to grow your Pinterest followers, and start attracting more pin saves and clicks, to increase product sales.

1) The Pinterest Follow Button
The Pinterest follow button takes your website visitors to your Pinterest page. You can install it in several areas of your website, blog, and other social media pages. Pinterest even lets you create a custom follow button that's consistent with your branding.

2) The Pinterest Profile Widget
The profile widget is similar to the follow button, but it’s larger, and can display up to 30 of your most recent pins. Using this feature may prove to be even more effective. It allows visitors to visit your Pinterest page, or they can click on an individual recent pin. You can also create your own profile widget with your branding in mind.

3) Ask People to Follow You
Sometimes people may love what you're sharing on Pinterest, or enjoy the posts you are writing on your blog. They just don't think to follow you. Ask them. Include a clear and direct call-to-action button that invites your readers to follow you. It may be just the thing you need to drive follower numbers way up.

4) Optimize Your Board Titles and Descriptions
If your Pinterest board titles and descriptions aren't keyword rich, Pinterest visitors will rarely find you. If they do find you, and you aren't clearly defining the contents of the board, people might not stick around to learn more about what you have to offer. Check out Google's AdWords Keyword Planner to research keywords that are right for you. It's free. With your account SEO optimized you will attract far more visitors, and followers in turn.

5) Comment on Pinterest Pins
Commenting on popular pins is a great way to increase visibility for your Pinterest account. Make sure your comment is meaningful and adds to the content. This will encourage people to check out your pins and possibly follow you. Just be sure to limit your comments to two of three per day, as Pinterest considers too much commenting as spam, and may suspend your account.

6) Popular Pinterest Boards
Some people may not want to follow your profile, but they might follow a single board. Promote your most popular boards by placing them in the top row where visitors are most likely to see them. Then use the board widget to showcase your most recent pins to that board.

7) Cross-Promote on All Social Media Networks
Do you post to Facebook and Twitter? Make sure you cross-promote with all of your social media accounts. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to encourage followers to follow your Pinterest profile. Use your Pinterest account to promote your Facebook and Twitter accounts by creating and sharing pins about them. Use your Twitter account to tweet your pins. Use your Facebook account to show your most recent pins in the newsfeed. Also, add links to your Facebook and Twitter profiles in the bio sections of each profile.

8) Follow Relevant Pinterest Profiles
Look for other Pinterest users with similar interests and follow them, because some of them will follow you back. Searching Pinterest for people to follow is easy. All you need to do is type a relevant keyword into the search bar. Then choose People or Boards from the drop down menu. Always make sure you follow people with similar interests, or boards that have content relevant to you. They are the people most likely to follow you back. Try to follow 100-200 people per day.

9) Attract Followers with Pinterest Contests
Contests are a really good way of growing followers. Once you have a prize in mind you can ask people to share the contest pin and follow your profile or board to enter. This will increase the reach of your pin and the overall value of your new follower campaign. A tool that I really like for managing contests is Rafflecopter. If you decide to run a contest of your own, make certain that it meets Pinterest’s Terms of Use.

10) How To Keep Your Pinterest Followers Happy
Getting followers is one thing, keeping them is another. Your Pinterest visitors need fresh pins constantly. Without them, your account engagement numbers will drop quickly and significantly.

Want to make finding fresh pins easy? Check out TrafficWonker’s FastFill™ tool. All you do is find a board you like, copy the URL into FastFill™, and select your pin count and board. FastFill™ scans the board to find the most saved pins, and adds them to your queue in seconds. It's quite simply the fastest and most effective fresh pin curation tool on the planet.

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