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Do you wonder how so many bloggers and online business owners get tons of traffic from Pinterest? They're scheduling pins with TrafficWonker. Haven't heard of TrafficWonker yet? No problem. I'll share with you the TrafficWonker toolset and how you can use it to explode your traffic.

I'm Andy Fling, the founder of TrafficWonker, and a few years ago I was just like you. I was searching for a way to make the most of Pinterest without manually pinning every day or queuing pins for an hour or two every week. I decided to build a pin scheduler for myself and small business owners like you, to help us make the most of Pinterest, while spending very little time managing our marketing campaigns.

Pinterest is currently driving an average of 19,500 visitors a month to my sites - 235K visitors in the last year - and TrafficWonker is a big part of that!

The following chart shows what has been happening with my music education site,, since I built TrafficWonker in 2015. Pinterest referral traffic has gone from 53,040 visitors per year to 191,103 visitors per year for this site alone. I've only added new product pins and varied my queue 4-5 times in the last three years. The rest is the power of TrafficWonker.

What is TrafficWonker?

TrafficWonker is a Pinterest pin scheduler. It allows you to automatically post pins in a way that will maximize your reach and track your results with stats that don’t overwhelm.

You can post pins in two ways:

Full Automation with Expert™ - Our Expert™ tool makes reviewing stats a thing of the past. From the moment you fill your library, the WonkerBots begin systematically testing and optimizing your queue to maximize engagement for your pins. All you do is fill your Library once.

Partial Automation - You choose the days and times to post pins and review your stats to learn what works best. The WonkerBots loop your pins automatically.

Why TrafficWonker Will Soon Be Your Favorite Tool

There are several reasons why TrafficWonker is the preferred tool for Pinterest marketers.

1) Approved by Pinterest
TrafficWonker is approved by Pinterest and posts pins with the Pinterest API. That means that our pin scheduler is compliant with all Pinterest policies. Not all of our competitors are. Your account is safe and all the hard work you invested is protected.

2) TrafficWonker Makes It Easy to Pin Like an Expert
TrafficWonker is the only Pinterest pin scheduler that learns by reviewing stats daily to figure out what is working and what isn't. What TrafficWonker does with these stats is really what makes it unique. I'll explain more in the next section.

All of our competitors provide you with stats on your posted pins. However, if you're new to Pinterest marketing, effectively using this data is challenging.

3) Zero Effort
TrafficWonker doesn't ask you to fill your queue week after week in a never-ending cycle like most Pinterest pin schedulers. Instead, you add pins to your Expert™ Library only once. After that, Expert™ manages everything.

Expert™ - Machine Learning for Pinterest Marketing

TrafficWonker's exclusive Expert™ tool is unique because it's the only pin scheduler that really automates everything.

1) Reviews Stats - Expert™ reviews the stats for every pin that you post to learn what is working best.

2) Plans Pin Strategy - Each week Expert™ automatically plans a new pin strategy based on what it learned by reviewing your stats.

3) Self-Filling Queue - Each week Expert™ automatically builds you a brand new queue with an emphasis on popular and trending pins. You'll be posting pins that people care about most and driving traffic to your site with zero effort.

4) Helpful Analytics - Marketing on Pinterest without analytics is like throwing darts in the dark. That's why we provide the analytics you need to make smart decisions. TrafficWonker includes global stats to let you know your campaign is doing in general and individual pin stats to let you know what your followers like best.

5) Above-and-Beyond Member Support - If you're new to Pinterest marketing, or even if you've been at it for a while, you want a team that is responsive to your needs.

Our team provides:
a) Answers to your questions in 24 hours or less, sometimes within a few hours.
b) Helpful tips for managing your TrafficWonker account.
c) Helpful tips to optimize your Pinterest account. Many companies tell you that a request like this is "out of our purview." The TrafficWonker team goes out of our way to make sure your Pinterest marketing efforts are successful.

What Are People Saying About TrafficWonker?

Selena Hoit of Creative Juices Decor says, "I love TrafficWonker. It takes the guesswork out of marketing, blog traffic is up, and my Pinterest followers have doubled."

Jenn Leach of Millennial Money Mama Blog says, "My monthly visitors have increased by 200K since TrafficWonker started."

How to Set Up a TrafficWonker Account for Pinterest

Ready to get started? Here's a quick start guide for setting up your new account. For more tips, check out our New Member Manual.

1) Start Your Free 30-Day Trial.

2) Download our New Member Manual or watch the video tutorial.

3) Fill your Expert™ Library with your pins and curated pins. Perform a Pinterest search to find curated pins. Pins at the top of the search results are currently the most popular pins for your search term.

4) Create additional pin images for your top performing pins and add them to your library too. Doing this will provide you with more ways for people to find you.

5) Click Populate Queue button to fill your queue with pins from your library.

That's it! You can sit back and relax. Your pins will be automatically posted daily and your queue will be refreshed every week with your most popular and trending pins. From now on, all you need to do is add new product pins and share your favorite new curated pins as you discover them.

by Andy Fling
Founder and CEO of

Hi, I'm Andy Fling, the founder of I help small business owners and bloggers build businesses they love through Pinterest marketing.

In my free time I play the trumpet, draw, hang out with family and friends, and play fetch with our dog Chester - he rolls the ball and I fetch it.

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