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Here at TrafficWonker, we didn't think reviewing endless analytics charts to arrive at a guess on when to post pins was the most effective way to reach our customers. No matter how much time you spent looking at these statistics, you can't predict when your next potential customer will visit Pinterest.

A Fresh Idea

In a book by top ranked investment strategist Ric Edelman, he presents an idea that is so fresh and so simple - "Buy Everything." He doesn't rely on graphs and charts to decide which stocks to buy. He buys everything. Because the S&P 500 has always grown over its long history, Edelman buys stocks that make up the S&P 500 - all of them. If you want your portfolio to do what the S&P 500 does, you buy what the S&P 500 tracks. Simple.

We applied this idea to Pinterest marketing:

  • Publish a wide variety of pins.

  • Publish at a wide variety of times.

Pin Frequently. Repin Everything.

By posting a large number of pins every day:

1) You'll increase the visibility of your pins in the Pinterest SmartFeed throughout the day.
2) You'll quickly grow familiarity with your brand.
3) You'll increase your chances of being the first product people see, which will make you 50% more likely to make the sale.

How Many Pins Should I Post?

There are many ideas on how many pins you should publish every day - even among Pinterest experts, and the range spans from 10 to 100 pins per day. Rather than just provide you with our best guess too, we decided to conduct a study to find out how to attract the greatest number of repins per day.

We tested:

36 pins per day (Every 10 Minutes During Pinterest Peak Hours)
72 pins per day (Every 10 Minutes from 12Noon-12Mid)
108 pins per day (Every 10 Minutes - 6AM-12Mid)

After two months of watching the stats what we expected from the beginning is now overwhelmingly backed by a science.

36 Pins - Posting 36 pins per day (50% less pins) was 57% less effective than scheduling 72 pins per day.

72 Pins - Of the three tests 72 pins per day seems to be most effective in terms of attracting repins.

108 Pins - Posting 108 pins per day (50% more pins) was 10% less effective than scheduling 72 pins per day. Pinterest buffers the release of pins to the SmartFeed, and it's likely that the pin limit for any accounts holder is somewhere between 72 and 108 pins.

Are Repins the Only Thing That Counts?

Nope. Repins aren't the only thing that counts. Clicks matter too because they result in sales. However, we don't feel that daily clicks should be your primary goal. Your focus should be more about repins and the long haul. Repins build "points of entry" to your site. Striving for maximum repins per day provides you with the most new "points of entry". Get enough repins and you'll have all the clicks to your products/content you've ever wanted.


Everyone's business is different, and results will vary. We are, however, confident that Edelman's strategy works. It works as a principle for investing, and it works for Pinterest marketing.

Now that you know how many pins to publish every day, you’re probably wonder how to do it. Most pin schedulers require significant effort to queue even 10-20 pins per day, and the cycle of filling your queue day after day never ends.

TrafficWonker makes scheduling 72 pins a day easy.

TrafficWonker’s looping queue never runs out of pins. The WonkerBots loop your pins each week, publishing up to 72 pins a day as often as every 10 minutes, and on any schedule you like. The only reason you'll ever need to visit Traffic Wonker is to add new products or refresh your fellow pinner pins every 3-4 months.

by Andy Fling
Founder and CEO of

Hi, I'm Andy Fling, the founder of I help small business owners and bloggers build businesses they love through Pinterest marketing.

In my free time I play the trumpet, draw, hang out with family and friends, and play fetch with our dog Chester - he rolls the ball and I fetch it.

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