How to Write Pinterest Board Descriptions That Get Results

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Want more Pinterest followers, clicks, and sales?

Pinterest board descriptions that are smartly written attract more followers, which in turn creates more interest in your pins and drives more traffic to your site.

Great board descriptions:
1) Contain keywords that optimize your boards for Pinterest search
2) Encourage people to follow your account
3) Help to optimize your pins so they perform better in Pinterest search

This post will teach you how to make Pinterest board description changes that matter.

1) How to Optimize Your Pinterest Boards for Search

Making a few changes to your Pinterest board descriptions will bring more people to your Pinterest boards overnight - if you make the right choices. It all begins with keywords.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords, in terms of SEO, are the words and phrases that Pinterest searchers enter into the Pinterest search tool to find products and ideas that interest them.

For TrafficWonker I use this list of keywords throughout the site and Pinterest accounts:

1) Pinterest Marketing
2) Pinterest for Business
3) Pinterest Strategy
4) Blogging for Beginners
5) Pinterest Traffic

Instead of using just one word, like Pinterest or Marketing, it's best to use keyword phrases with 2-4 words. People searching with just one word are generally unsure of what they want to find. When they start searching with "long tail keywords," a 2-4 word keyword phrase, they know what they want and they're searching with the intent to buy.

What's So Important About Keywords on Pinterest?

Most of the time when I'm browsing Pinterest, I'm only looking at the pin images. If something interests me, I'll click through without ever reading the pin description. The image usually conveys everything I needed to know about the post or product to get me interested in learning more. You might be thinking, If this is true, why are keywords so important? It's because Pinterest isn't able to look at an image or a board and know what it's all about. Your descriptions do that. How well you write your descriptions is the difference between running a successful online business, or rarely being found.

How Do I Know If I've Chosen the Right Keywords?

It's hard to say which keywords people are searching with until you've done some research, so I always begin with a guess and a little "snooping."

I start by making a list of possible keywords, check to see what the "big guys" are doing, and then test all of these ideas with keyword research tools. It's what I've been doing from the very beginning, and it's helped me to turn into the #1 site for elementary music education in less than 5 years.

Learning what the "Big Guys" do is the first step to being a "Big Guy" yourself.

Many apps do their best to report competitor keywords, but they often get it wrong. An app that gets it right is App Annie. It's designed to provide you with analytics for your Apple Store and Android apps, but it can also provide you with analytics that will help you grow your online business. Here's a video from Steve at App Masters, that will explain how to use App Annie for competitor keyword research.

After you've completed your research with App Annie, put the keywords in generated to the test in the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Type your keywords in one by one, and check the results. The perfect keywords have "low competition" and "high search volume." This means a lot of people are searching with these phrases, but not many people are using the keywords to market their products.

Test every idea and then start using your short list of keyword phrases throughout your blog and Pinterest account.

2) How to Get People to Follow Your Pinterest Account

Getting your account optimized for search is the first step toward getting more people to find and follow you. Unfortunately, many Pinterest marketers stop there. The smart Pinterest marketer is thinking about how to get people to their boards and pins, and how to interest them further once they've found it.

Provide Solutions - If someone visits one of your Pinterest boards, the first chance you have to impress them is with your board description. Rather than a long list of keywords, write a few thoughtfully composed sentences that let your visitor know that your board will help them solve their problem or achieve their goal. Doing so will encourage them to follow your board, and look to you for more great ideas.

Board descriptions that "sell" your value, get followed more often.

Branding - You might consider adding your blog URL and tagline to your description. Pinterest visitors don't know who owns the board unless they visit their page. Adding your URL and tagline provides you with an opportunity to share a little about your business.

Here are a couple of examples from my Pinterest accounts:

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3) How to Get Your Pins to Perform Better in Pinterest Search

This last tip isn't something many marketers talk about, but it's worth following. Because most people don't know about it, it may give you an edge over the competition.

When you add a pin to Pinterest for the first time, Pinterest gathers the information from the board title and description and adds it to the pin. Not only is your pin description helping you in terms of SEO, but your board description will be too. Just remember to add your pin to the most relevant board the first time you add your pin to Pinterest, so your pin can take full advantage of this "SEO booster."

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In my free time I play the trumpet, draw, hang out with family and friends, and play fetch with our dog Chester - he rolls the ball and I fetch it.

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