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With good time management and the right tools, it's possible to squeeze Pinterest marketing into one hour a week. There is some work that you'll need to do upfront, but the effort you put in now will save hours each week in the future. This post will help you focus your business goals so you have a clear idea of how to grow your business, and then provide you with the tools that will help you make the most of your time.

Establishing Clear Small Business Goals

If you're going to be successful with your small business, you need a plan.

Your plan should:

1) Map out how you will grow your small business.
2) Outline what products you will develop.
3) Identify who your customers are.
4) Identify why your products are better than the competition.
5) List how you will best use your time to market your business.

Without a plan that looks something like this, you'll wind up feeling overwhelmed and disappointed by the results.

As an example, here's my idea of the Starbucks® Coffee Company marketing plan.

1) Grow business with free and paid advertising and many store locations.
2) Offer coffee and bakery items.
3) Market to middle and upper-income adults.
4) Offer a unique innovative atmosphere that establishes the business as a status symbol.
5) Offer products and atmosphere that is so good, that word-of-mouth saves time and advertising dollars in promoting products.

Choosing the Right Pinterest Marketing Tools

Here's a list of tools that may soon be saving you tons of time. It will take some time to set everything up, but the time spent will be worth it when everything is up and running.


Quick Note is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to make notes. Just open the browser and click on the icon to open the app. I added Quick Notes about a year ago, and it's been one of my favorite tools.

1) Because it's a browser extension it's not cluttering my desktop, and it's always in the same place.
2) It's great for saving ideas and links for upcoming newsletters.
3) Common email responses are quickly accessible.
4) Post ideas are easily saved for a later date.

For Pinterest marketing, you can use it to save blog post title variations for fresh pins that you will create. (If you haven't tried varying your post titles before, it's a great way to attract visitors who aren't responding to your current headline.)

Pin Design

There are many tools that make Pinterest pin design incredibly simple. If you don't consider yourself a designer, check out Canva. If you've got a little experience and would love more freedom, try Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Canva has quickly become a favorite for Pinterest marketers, providing an easy-to-use tool to design pinnable images. Canva provides intuitive controls, so creating and editing your image is almost a no-brainer. Just choose a template, or start with a blank canvas. Then select the "Layouts and Background" feature to figure out how you want to format your image. Finish with images and text.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are the tools for design professionals. Adobe Illustrator is my tool of choice for website design, flyers, business cards, Pinterest pins, and more. Both tools offer amazing freedom and design possibilities, but also come with a giant learning curve. You don't need to be intimidated though. Just start with boxes and text, and learn a little more every day.

If you'd like to know more about the tools available for Pinterest pin design, check out our post, 10 Ridiculously Simple Pinterest Pin Design Tools.

Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Milo Tree is a pop-up that helps you grow your email, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook following. Putting this tool to work on your site can help you build followers, without having to manually following them yourself.

TrafficWonker, a Pinterest API approved scheduler, builds tools that help you keep the time spent on Pinterest marketing to a minimum.

Queue Pins Only Once - You add pins to your content library once, not in a never-ending cycle, like most pin schedulers.

Artificial Intelligence Scheduling - TrafficWonker uses an "artificial intelligence" algorithm like tech giants Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google to identify the interests of your Pinterest followers. TrafficWonker automatically reviews your stats for you, plans a pinning strategy, and builds a new queue each week with an emphasis on popular and trending pins. When interests change so does your queue - automatically.

Fresh Pin Curation Made Amazing - Curating fresh pins for your followers is as easy as paste-click-share! Copy the URL of any Pinterest board, paste it into TW's FastFill™ tool, and click. TrafficWonker scans the board with the Pinterest API to find the pins with the most saves. In seconds, fifty of the best pins from that board are added to your content library. It's so simple, and your followers will love you!

Weekly Pinterest Marketing Checklist

With all that set-up, things are going to get very easy. Below you'll find a weekly checklist. If you'd like a printable version to help keep you on track from week to week, scroll a little further down the page.

Monday - Use Headline Analyzer to come up with a blog post title variation for an underperforming post. Note title variation in Quick Note. 5 Minutes

Tuesday - Design two new pin images for an older post with a new look and your title variation. Upload them to Pinterest and add them to your TrafficWonker queue. 30 Minutes

Wednesday - Search for a new group board to join and write the owner, or learn something new about Pinterest Marketing. 10 Minutes

Thursday - Check Pinterest Analytics to see which curated pins are getting the most saves and clicks. Make a note in Quick Note for a similar post with your own spin. 5 Minutes

Friday - Search for a new Pinterest board to curate pins from, delete pins without saves, and automatically upload 50 new curated pins with TrafficWonker's FastFill tool. 5 Minutes

Grab the Pinterest Marketing One Hour A Week Checklist!

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