How to Make Pinterest Pins Go Viral :: 7 Proven Techniques

from the TrafficWonker Blog analyzed 100 million articles to discover what it takes to make content go viral. What they found can turn your content creation into a science.

My version of what they discovered might be short, but it's jam-packed with tips top bloggers use every day. You might even think this list is refrigerator worthy!

1) Go Long

In general, articles with 400 words work. However, articles with 1,000+ words perform far better. So, make it meaningful and write in-depth. Your reward will be great!

2) Lists are Rad

Articles with lists make it easy to absorb information. They also get way more shares than other types of articles. Lists with 10 items are generally the most successful.

3) Fav Day

Tuesday is generally the best day to post on social networks, though it's best to test this to discover if it's best for you. Tuesday is also considered the most productive day of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday come in second.

4) Image It Up

Articles with at least one image are shared twice as much as those without an image.

5) Be Charming

Cute articles top the list. Funny and entertaining follow their lead. If your articles can deliver something witty, it's more likely people will share it with their friends.

6) Be Transparent

Articles are shared more often when they have a byline and personal story that people can relate to.

7) Repost

Going viral might not happen the first time you post your content. It may take a few reposts to get top influencers to notice.

TrafficWonker makes reposting easy.

TrafficWonker’s looping queue never runs out of pins. Just fill your queue and let the Wonkerbots take it from there.

by Andy Fling
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