The Ultimate Hashtag Guide for Pinterest Marketing

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Want to make the most of every pin you add to Pinterest? That extra boost of marketing energy can be found in the "hashtag."

If you're new to social media marketing, hashtags are those little links that are preceded by the pound sign (#). To your customers, hashtags will mean nothing. To you, hashtags may mean the difference between having your posts found though search or rarely seen.

How to Create a Hashtag

Pinterest Experts recommend publishing 10-100 pins per day. However, their recommendations are generally based on a hunch rather than a data-driven study.

1) The Tag

Every hashtag begins with a tag - the pound symbol on your keyboard.

2) Spaces

Spaces are never used.

If your hashtag uses multiple words, group them together. If you want to help people read the hashtag easier, use a capital letter to start each word. A search for #DisneyMovie yields the same results as #disneymovie, but one is easier to read.

3) Numbers

Include numbers if you like.

4) Punctuation

Avoid punctuation marks. They clutter your hashtags.

There's no preset list of hashtags. While there are some that are common, what is common may not be the perfect solution for your business.

Finding the Perfect Hashtag

Our theme song has always been, "Do what the big guys are doing." If they became the big guys with the hashtags they're using, copy them.

Search Pinterest for similar pins to see what's getting repinned the most. If the hashtags are right for your pins, use them.

The Recommended Number or Hashtags

It's easy to go overboard with hashtags. After all they help your posts get found. However, you need to consider that being found is not your only objective. Ultimately, your Pinterest pin was created for potential customers - real people. If you write for the search engines, your potential customers will find your pin, but they may not be engaged when they do. Limit hashtags to 1 or 2.

While the following stats aren't Pinterest specific, they do clearly indicate the value of the hashtag in social media. All signs indicate the hashtag is as significant on Pinterest.

When to Avoid Hashtags

Some marketers make a habit of turning every keyword into hashtag, cluttering their description. They get people to their pin, but forgot their goal - getting people excited about the product. Include hashtags after your description.

The Value of Popular Hashtags

Using popular hashtags helps your post be found in Pinterest search results. The hashtag allows you to place keywords in the description box that are difficult to include organically. We include popular hashtags in many of our pins - #SocialMedia and #PinterestTips - and choose to capitalize the first letter of each word for easy reading.

The only downside is visitors clicking on the hashtag is that they are delivered away from your pin, to a large collection of pins sharing the same hashtag. While the hashtag does help to attract views, it also creates an escape route - through the clickable link. Generally it's still a better idea to include one than not.

The Value of Unique Hashtags

Using unique hashtags have the opposite effect. Few people will ever search for your unique hashtag, but the click through on your unique hashtag allows you to direct your audience to more of your pins. We also include a unique hashtag - #SocialMediaAutomation - in select pins. The use of a unique hashtag will in effect multiply its value, showing a potential customer many pins and therefore providing many points of entry to your website.

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