TrafficWonker vs. Buffer for Social Media Scheduling & Automation

TrafficWonker is the new kid on the block, so you're probably wondering how we compare to the big guys?

How does TrafficWonker compare to Buffer?

TrafficWonker and Buffer provide members with the ability to schedule pins to Pinterest, but the workflow and Pinterest post limits are quite different.

When Buffer posts one of your pins to Pinterest it is deleted from your queue. Eventually your queue will run out of pins and will stop posting to your accounts. Fail to fill your queue and you won't be rewarded for your consistency with higher pin and board rankings.

Buffer's affordable Awesome Plan is right on target for Facebook and Twitter marketing with a 100 post limit per account/per month. However, our data-driven study, The Science of Scheduling Pinterest Pins, found that posting 72 pins per day (2,232 pin per month) is required for maximum engagement on Pinterest. Fail to post enough pins per day and you'll miss countless opportunities to connect with potential customers.

Want to maximize your engagement - and make it easy?
TrafficWonker is automation at its best. Our 7-day looping queue helps you post consistently and save time because TW's queue never runs out of pins. The Wonkerbots publish every pin in your queue, shuffle them, and start again. To help you manage duplicate pins created by repins TW features Auto-Clear™.

TrafficWonker's queue
never runs out of pins.

Why would you want to loop pins?
Did you know it takes an average of 7 contacts with a potential customer to make a sale?

Whatever you're saying, whatever you're selling, repeated contacts with potential customers builds familiarity and familiarity builds trust.

TrafficWonker helps you make repeat contacts and build trust by recycling your pins.

TrafficWonker also features a duplicate post management tool. AutoClear™ helps you enjoy the benefits of repinning, while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards.

Every time a new version of a pin hits your boards the old one is history - automatically.

... and Eliminate the Guesswork?
TrafficWonker is also built to eliminate the guesswork. TrafficWonker takes the guesswork out of when to pin, and Expert™ takes the guesswork out of what to queue so pin scheduling like an expert is a breeze.

Automated Queue
Our seven-day looping queue helps members easily publish enough pins (up to 72 per day) to always be present in the Pinterest SmartFeed - whenever a potential customer visits Pinterest.

Never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer.

Expert™ automatically builds the perfect queue by first reviewing what's trending, and then selecting an assortment of your pins and curated fellow pinner pins that will guarantee a high level of engagement. All you have to do is fill your library and click a button. Expert™ fills your queue.

Our Expert tool makes everyone a Pinterest marketing expert.

Work Smarter
Only 17% of your followers visit Pinterest every day. Another 29% visit weekly. The rest of them visit even less often. (Pew Research Center)

Looping posts is working smarter. If your followers miss a pin the first time, they'll see it during an automatic repost - with no extra effort on your part.

Which small business plan will serve your Pinterest marketing efforts most effectively?

Growing Business
per month/Annual Plan
Up to 2,232 Posts/Month to Pinterest
per month/No Annual Plan
100 Posts/Month to Pinterest

Which workflow do you prefer?

You add your pins to the queue.

TrafficWonker posts pins and keeps them queued.

Automatically build the best pinning strategy for your account with Expert™, or you control when pins are posted and automatically looped.

Pins are auto-deleted to keep your boards free from duplicate pins.

You add your pins to the queue.

The pins that you worked so hard to queue are posted once and then deleted.

You manually delete pins to avoid duplicates on your boards.

You repeat this never-ending cycle forever.

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