TrafficWonker vs. Tailwind for Automated Pinterest Pin Scheduling

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TrafficWonker is the new kid on the block, so you're probably wondering how we compare to the big guys?

How does TrafficWonker compare to Tailwind?

TrafficWonker and Tailwind are both Pinterest API approved and provide members with the ability to schedule pins to Pinterest, but the workflow is quite different.

Here's a sneak peak...

Tailwind posts pins until your queue is empty. TrafficWonker's self-filling queue is never empty. Tailwind offer members exceptional analytics, but you have to review them yourself. TrafficWonker uses "artificial intelligence" to review your analytics automatically, plan a pinning strategy, and build a new queue each week with a emphasis on your most popular pins. Tailwind suggests pins to share with your followers. TrafficWonker helps you bulk upload the most saved pins from any Pinterest board in seconds.

Want to Maximize Your Pinterest Engagement... and Make It Easy?
TrafficWonker is building tools that are redefining automation. Want full automation? Our Expert™ tool manages everything. Expert™ reviews your stats daily. Each week it automatically plans a pin strategy based on your stats, and builds a new queue with an emphasis on popular and trending pins. All you do is fill your library with pins once. It's so easy to use, that it makes beginning Pinterest marketers into superstars! If you prefer a more hands-on approach, try our partial automation tool.

TrafficWonker's queue never runs out
of pins, so you never miss an opportunity to connect with customers.

TrafficWonker Applies a Billion-Dollar Marketing Tactic

Tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google all use "artificial intelligence" algorithms to hyper-personalize ads and content for you. They track what you like, and then remind you about these products and similar products to drive sales.

That's what TrafficWonker’s Expert™ tool does every day, except instead of learning about just one person, it identifies the interests of your Pinterest followers. Expert™ reviews the behaviors of your followers daily. Each week Expert™ plans a pinning strategy and builds a new queue based on their interests. When their behavior changes, so does your queue - automatically. The result is happier followers and more saves and clicks for you!

TrafficWonker helps you apply a billion-dollar tactic for pennies a day.

TrafficWonker Provides Stats That Help You Optimize Your Pins
TrafficWonker's Inspector graphs show the overall strength of your queued pins. They measure pin sizes to see if they are perfect for every version of the site (desktop, tablet, and mobile), review pin descriptions, make recommendations for your Pinterest account, and assess the value of your group boards.

TrafficWonker gives you smartly designed tools that give you an edge over the competition.

TrafficWonker Help You Curate the Best Pins on Pinterest in Seconds
Your followers love fresh pins. When you share them, engagement with your account and your own pins goes up. TrafficWonker's FastFill™ tool makes curating the best pins as easy as paste-click-share.

Simply paste the board URL of any Pinterest board into TW's FastFill™ tool, and click. TW scans the board for the pins with the most saves, and adds up to 50 pins to your account in seconds. Then watch your engagement grow. It's that easy!

The ultimate Pinterest "hack" is as easy as paste-click-share.

TrafficWonker Manages Duplicate Pins with AutoClear™
TrafficWonker features a duplicate post management tool. AutoClear™ helps you enjoy the benefits of repinning, while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards.

Every time a new version of a pin hits your boards, the old one is history - automatically.

Would you prefer to leave the pins on your boards? Simply turn AutoClear™ off.

TrafficWonker Helps You Build Customer Trust
Did you know it takes an average of 7 contacts with a potential customer to make a sale? Whatever you're saying, whatever you're selling, repeated contact with potential customers builds familiarity and familiarity builds trust. Trust helps you make sales.

TrafficWonker helps you make repeat contacts and build trust by making it easy to recycle your pins.

Want to Eliminate the Guesswork?
TrafficWonker's Expert™ tool is constantly reviewing and planning so you're posting the pins that people care about most, at the best times each day. If you're using another scheduler, planning a strategy that's this good could take hours. Expert™ does it automatically.

Our Expert tool makes everyone a Pinterest marketing expert.

Work Smarter
Only 17% of your followers visit Pinterest every day. Another 29% visit weekly. The rest of them visit even less often. (Pew Research Center)

TrafficWonker helps you work smarter. If your followers miss a pin the first time, they'll see it during an automatic repost - with no extra effort on your part.

Which small business plan will serve your Pinterest marketing efforts most effectively?

Growing Business
per month if annual or $12 monthly
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Which workflow do you prefer?

You add pins to your queue.

TrafficWonker (TW) features a self-filling queue, so your queue is never empty.

TW uses "artificial intelligence" to learn which pins attract the most engagement.

TW reviews stats, plans a pinning strategy, and builds a new queue automatically.

You add your pins to the queue.

The pins that you worked so hard to queue are posted once and then deleted.

You manually review your own stats.

You repeat this never-ending cycle forever.

TrafficWonker vs. Tailwind Comparison

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