Our Story :: How We Doubled Our Daily Repins

We were our own first customer.

Our story began with a Pinterest account back in 2011 to help market our sites, and As the popularity of Pinterest grew, the greater our interest in building a strong presence on Pinterest became.

In 2015, after having pinned more than 20,000 pins and attracted more than 6,500 followers, we thought there must be an easier way.

The search was on for a pin scheduler that would help us gain greater visibility on Pinterest, save time, and keep us from flooding our follower's home feeds with too many of our pins.

Testing Pin Schedulers

We tried several pin schedulers, each one offering very much the same product. Fill your queue with pins, guess what the best time to pin them would be, and schedule them for publication. Then do the same thing the next day... and the next. This was more time consuming than pinning manually.

The other big weakness was their approach to scheduling. One scheduler said, "To help get you started, we've already created a pin schedule personalized just for you by applying insights from over 500 million pins and 200 million boards. Amazing right?" Unfortunately, we weren't amazed because it was still just a guess. We still didn't know when the best time to pin was.

There had to be a better way.

Our Bright Idea

There were several fresh ideas that finally became part of our suite of tools, but our first idea was the biggest...

• Build a pin scheduler that would always keep a large number of pins queued and publish them once every week.

This meant the guesswork about when to pin would be over, and scheduling and rescheduling the same pins over and over again would be a thing of the past. Instead, a wide variety of pins could be perfectly spaced throughout the day, placing our pins front and center whenever a potential customer visited Pinterest.

Less work. No more guesswork.

The Results

Our programmer built a barebones auto-pinner for us and we started testing. We were pretty confident we had something good and we were dazzled when we saw the results. Not only were we spending far less time managing our Pinterest marketing efforts, we saw a 105% growth in repins over our limited daily manual pinning efforts.

The rest of our story is us building a great marking tool for you. We look forward to hearing your story.

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?

Andy Fling | Founder/Owner - Pictured with his wife Tricia