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We welcome the opportunity to help you. In most cases we will return your email in 24 hours or less. If you'd like to answer your questions quickly, please browse the following information for answers to the most common queries.

Traffic Wonker New Member Guide
We've developed a printable Traffic Wonker New Member Guide that includes general TW operations instructions, and best practices for marketing on Pinterest. If you still have questions, please send them our way. We're glad to help!

Sometimes an adjustment is necessary to get everything working properly. If the problem persists, shoot us an email. We'll do our best to help.

Login Error Message
Are you seeing the error message, "I don't have a login for you right now?" The reasons include:

1) Incorrect email address
2) Anti-virus software

Try another email address. If you're not successful, we'd be glad to look it up.

To see if your cookies are being deleted, which contain your login information, try turning off your anti-virus software, or sign into your TW account from another computer.

Has FastFill™ has stopped allowing you to bulk add pins, or isn't adding as many as you request? In most cases you will only need to add more pins to your Pinterest boards.

1) FastFill™ adds unique pins, meaning TW scans your queue and adds pins that have not yet been added.
2) FastFill™ adds pins from boards with up to 2400 pins.
3) FastFill™ doesn't add pins from secret boards.
4) FastFill™ doesn't add pins from group boards not owned by you.

Auto-Clear™ Isn't Clearing Pins
Auto-Clear™ is an automatic feature for all members. There's nothing you need to do. When a pin is published it stays on your board for seven days. On the same day the pin is repeated, the pin published last week is deleted. If you publish a pin more than once each week the next instance of that pin will replace the last one. You'll never have more than one pin on your board.

If Auto-Clear™ isn't working in this way we'd be glad to take a look. Just let us know which board and specific pin URLS.

Do you have general questions about using Traffic Wonker, or questions about your account? You may find your answer below. If not, please send us an email. We're glad to help!

Q: How do I add pins to my queue?

A: You can add pins to your queue in two ways:

1) +Add Pin Button/One Pin - Add one pin at a time.
2) +Add Pin Button/FastFill - Add your curated pins in bulk.

Q: I forgot my password. What do I do?

A: Click the "Lost Your Password?" link on the Sign In page and we'll email your credentials.

Q: Is there a set up fee?

A: Nope, nada, zilch, if you have a Starter or Growing Business account. The Enterprise account requires a one-time setup fee.

Q: How many pins can I schedule per month?

A: Up to 72 pins per day/Up to 2232 pins per month.

Q: Are "R-rated" pins okay?

A: Nope. We care about the kind of content that is published with our service. Adult themes, like intimacy counseling or breast health checks, are okay. "R-rated" content is not acceptable. Basically, boobies, bad words, and other content you would want your kids to see shouldn't be published with TW.

Q: What can I expect in terms of performance?

A: Everyone's experience is different, but we're sure you'll notice an increase in the number of repins and clicks. Below is an example of an actual experience:

Q: What does the SmartShuffle™ feature do?

A: The SmartShuffle™ feature re-sorts your queue each week automatically. Not only will your pins be published in a different order, your company's pins will be evenly mixed with fellow pinner's pins throughout the queue to create more natural and engaging boards.

Q: What does the Auto-Clear™ feature do?

A: The Auto-Clear™ feature deletes pins that were added by our pin scheduler during the previous week.

Example: TW pins 72 pins on Tuesday. Next Tuesday TW deletes those pins, and pins Tuesday's queued pins again.

You keep all the repins and likes (because they stay on other account boards), and your boards stay the perfect size for browsing. This feature is automatic for all members.

Q: How do I edit the locked queue day?

A: Turn Auto-Pilot "OFF." After you have completed your edits, turn Auto-Pilot "ON." The pinner will resume at the current time, skipping those pins that would have been pinned during the time you were editing.

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: Email us.

Q: Can I get a refund for the balance of my membership payment?

A: Sorry, we don't offer refunds if you cancel your membership early. We will honor your service plan for the remainder of the period for which you paid. For more info see Terms of Service.