With so many businesses competing for the attention of the same customer, we built a Pinterest marketing tool to help you reach your customer and work smarter.

How TrafficWonker Increases Pinterest Reach with Zero Effort

The fact is that only 17% of your followers visit Pinterest every day. Another 29% visit weekly. The rest of them visit even less often (Pew Research Center).

With so few Pinterest followers present each day, you need a marketing tool that is easy to use and designed to reach more people by repeating your message. TrafficWonker adds "artificial intelligence" to our looping tool to give you the best possible results with zero effort. Just add pins. It's that simple.

No Babysitting Required! TrafficWonker reviews stats, plans strategy, fills your queue, and posts pins automatically.


We like numbers - the kind of numbers that tell us how to make good things happen for our members. After we studied, stared, and reviewed, we discovered the following things.

Study #1
Pinterest Experts recommend publishing between 10-100 pins per day, but their recommendations are almost always based on a hunch, rather than a data-driven study. We took it upon ourselves to coordinate the most in-depth study ever conducted, and reported what we discovered in our post, How Often Should I Pin?

36 Pins - Posting 36 pins per day was 57% less effective than scheduling 72 pins (50% fewer pins) per day.

72 Pins - 72 pins per day is the most effective by far in terms of attracting repins.

108 Pins - Posting 108 pins per day (50% more pins) was 10% less effective than scheduling 72 pins per day.

Our study overwhelming proved that posting 72 pins per day is best and TrafficWonker makes it easy.

Study #2
We reviewed the board rankings of two new Pinterest accounts that actively publish pins with TrafficWonker. We discovered that the Pinterest algorithm is rewarding these accounts substantially, and the reason is that these accounts never miss a day of posting pins. Both of these Pinterest accounts had more than 15 boards in the #1 position in Pinterest board search at the time of our study, and they were less than 8 months old.

No matter what you're doing or where you are, TrafficWonker's self-filling queue keeps your account active.

TrafficWonker: The Short Story

Only have a little bit of space to share a whole lot of stuff? Here's the condensed version...

The zero effort tool to Double Your Pinterest Traffic. TrafficWonker plans and posts. You nap.

May 2015 - TrafficWonker builds an innovative 7-day looping tool with an auto-delete feature, and launches the site. The first looping tool helps members to easily share their pins week after week with little effort. AutoClear™ helps them enjoy the benefits of repinning, while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards.

June 2016 - TrafficWonker adopts the Pinterest API, adding better pin scheduling performance and Pinterest account security for its members.

Jan 2018 - TrafficWonker builds Expert™ - the most sophisticated looping tool on the planet. Expert™ applies "artificial intelligence" to automatically review stats, plan pinning strategies, and build a new queue each week for every member, for the purpose of emphasizing popular and trending pins.

April 2018 - TrafficWonker upgrades SimpleStats to include Inspector Graphs, giving members practical tools to enhance pin and board performance.

June 2018 - TrafficWonker upgrades their bulk upload tool, FastFill™, to make TrafficWonker the leading tool for Pinterest pin curation. Select any board on Pinterest, and upload fifty of the most saved pins from that board in seconds.


I love TrafficWonker. It takes the guesswork out of marketing, blog traffic is up, and my Pinterest followers have tripled! - Selina Hoit, Creative Juices Decor

Holy crap, this is the best customer service I've ever seen!! - Amber, The SEO Chick

My monthly visitors have increased by 200K since TrafficWonker started. - Jenn Leach, Mama's Hustle Blog

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