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How Many Pinterest Boards is Too Many?

A common question among Pinterest pinners is, "How Many Boards Boards Should I Have?"

Pinterest has established limits on the number of boards that account owners can have, along with a few other limits. However, reaching these limits isn't necessarily a goal to shoot for if you're interested in optimizing your Pinterest account for business.

Pinterest Limits
Boards: 500
Pins: 200,000
Likes: 100,000
Pinners: 50,000

(Based on Pinterest Account Limits for 2015)

To discover the ideal number of boards we analyzed pinners that ranked highly in Pinterest search. The chart below illustrates what we found. The number of boards per account is shown on the vertical axis, and the number of followers is shown on the horizontal axis. Each pinner in this study was selected because they ranked highly in Pinterest search.

What We Discovered
We discovered that while you can enjoy success on Pinterest with 100+ boards, most successful pinners will have far fewer boards. The average number of boards for top pinners with 300K+ followers is 56 boards.

An unexpected discovery is pinners with 500-2K followers can also enjoy high rankings in Pinterest search if they get the recipe for Pinterest success right. Applying our advice on the optimal number of boards is a great place to start. The most compelling evidence to support this idea is the very reason we found these accounts in the first place - they ranked high in Pinterest search results.

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