Pinterest Marketing Tips

How To Be #1 in Pinterest Board Search

Wondering what it takes to be #1 in Pinterest board search? We asked that question too. Here's what we discovered through our data-driven study.

Average Pins per Board. Top boards have 522 pins on average, though 36% of them had less than 200 pins. While it's possible to take the top spot with 100 pins, it will often require several hundred pins.

To grab that coveted position you'll need to do a little research. The two factors that will have the greatest effect on your ability to take that spot are:

1) Number of Pins
2) Number of Followers

Search Pinterest for boards with the same name as your board. If the top board only has a few hundred pins more than your board and fewer followers, that top spot could be yours for the taking. Start adding quality pins until you have more than they do. It's not always a slam-dunk because there are other factors at play, but this tactic does work and I've seen a board take the top spot overnight.

Followers Required. Top boards are most often boards owned by pinners with 85,000 average followers, but don't be bummed. Forty percent of these pinners had less than 5,000 followers. For many pinners it may require some elbow grease to get there, but it is possible.

When you don't have many followers you either need to be content with shoot for the top ten or look for holes to fill. In other words, build boards that people aren't building, but are still in demand. That will mean keyword research for "high volume keywords" with "low competition."

I built an account for a friend a couple of years ago. I didn't have much hope that his account would do well since his niche catered to the electronics hobbyist, but there certainly was a hole to fill. There was only one other account that presented any competition, and pin images were poor. I designed a couple of dozen pin images for him, got him going with followers, and filled his TrafficWonker queue. Four months later we checked to see how things were going and found six boards ranking in the top ten for our chosen keyword.

Stay Active. So far I've mentioned actionable things that you can clearly measure. My third tip isn't as tangible, but is a mind-bendingly important piece of the Pinterest marketing puzzle.

Pinterest likes pinners that are active and rewards them with higher rankings for their pins and boards in search. All by itself this is great news, but I can top that. It doesn't have to be your activity. It can be a pin scheduler posting pins on your behalf. You can automate the whole thing and be far more consistent than you would ever be on your own.

Awhile back I decided to review the board rankings of two new Pinterest accounts that were actively posting pins with TrafficWonker. Sure enough, the accounts were being rewarded - and the rewards were substantial. Both of these Pinterest accounts were less than eight months old, and both had 15+ boards in the #1 position in Pinterest board search.

The Balancing Act. In summary, building boards that will rank high in Pinterest search will require:

1) Research. Find out how many pins the top board has and then make your board bigger.

2) Engagement. Because Pinterest Analytics reports which boards have the most repins and clicks, we think it's pretty important to have pins that attract repins and clicks. Doing so will make your boards more active, and more "valuable" to Pinterest. Add pins with 50+ repins as a general rule.

3) Find High-Volume/Low-Competition Keywords. If you don't have many followers, finding a hole that you can fill is the best way to get traction on Pinterest.

4) Build Followers. Filling holes is a great way to get traction today. However, if you want to really rock Pinterest building followers is the way to do it. When you have a large number of followers Pinterest basically says, "They trust you, so we trust you." The result will be higher ranking boards - even if you have way fewer pins.

5) Stay active. Pin scheduling is the best way to stay consistently active. Your activity will be rewarded with higher ranking for your pins and boards.

TrafficWonker's looping queue never runs out of pins, so staying active is easy. Get started for free!