Tips for Success

How To Be #1 in Pinterest Board Search

Wondering what it takes to be #1 in Pinterest board search? We asked that question too. The following is the result of our study.

Average Pins per Board. Top boards have 522 pins on average, though 36% of them had less than 200 pins. While it's possible to get in the top row with 100 pins, the top spot will often require 200 pins or more.

Followers Required. Top boards are most often boards owned by pinners with 85,000 average followers, but don't be bummed. Forty percent of these pinners had less than 5,000 followers. For many pinners it may require some elbow grease to get there, but it is possible.

The Balancing Act. Building a quality board that will eventually perform well, begins by collecting quality pins and maintaining the proper balance between your pins and the pins of fellow pinners. If being a top performer is your goal, build boards that are focused on fellow pinner pins 88% of the time, and your pins 11% of the time. This balance will serve your marketing interests best.

Stay Active. By far, our biggest tip is stay active. We recently reviewed the board rankings of two new Pinterest accounts that actively publish pins with We discovered that the Pinterest algorithm is rewarding these accounts substantially. While you do get rewarded by getting repins and acquiring followers, the most mind-bendingly important piece of the puzzle is staying active. Both of these Pinterest accounts are less than 8 months old, and both have more than 15 boards in the #1 position in Pinterest board search.

Best Practice Recommendations
If you're not the biggest fish in the pond it might be a challenge to grab that top spot, but not impossible. Below are best practice strategies for increasing board rank.

Follow Pinners. Follow pinners in your niche every day with a goal of 5,000 followers. It may take a year to get there, but it will be worth the effort.

Delete Underperforming Pins. When you have folks over, the hours before they arrive are often spent making the house look great. The same care should be taken with your Pinterest boards to make them attractive to potential customers. This means keep the pins that dazzle with high repins/likes and delete the duds.

Add Quality Pins. Perform a Pinterest search to find top performing pins for your boards. Pins with a strong performance history will likely continue to be popular with pinners. It won't be too long before repin numbers grow and your boards begin to rank higher.

Do the Math. Browse your boards to check for a good balance between your pins and those of fellow pinners. A 10 to 1 ratio is a good goal - 10 fellow pinner pins for every 1 of yours. That doesn't mean that you can't have a board that's all about you. It just a great goal to have in general.

Schedule Repins. With the following tasks complete, you're ready to put your Pinterest marketing efforts into high gear. Automating the repin process will save you hours each week, maximize your potential to connect potential customers, and move your boards into those top spots in record time.