Pinterest Marketing Tips

How to Use Pinterest Analytics to Improve Your Marketing

Interested in making the most of your Pinterest profile? Pinterest Analytics can help.

While Pinterest Analytics can't tell you how to make your next pin go viral, it does have some great data on how your pins and boards are performing. Your stats are divided into four categories:

1) Impressions
2) Repins
3) Clicks
4) All-Time

It's great to see that your pins are getting impressions, but what you'll be interested most is if those impressions are resulting in "Saves (Repins)" and/or "Clicks" to your site, and which pins and boards are your top performers. The find those numbers click on "Saves" or "Clicks".

On the "Saves" page you'll find a chart with "Saves" per day, and two lists:

1) Pins People Save Most
2) Boards with the Pins People Save Most

On the "Clicks" page you'll find a chart with "Clicks" per day, and two lists:

3) Most Clicked Pins
4) Boards with the Most Clicked Pins

After you've had a chance to identify what's performing well and what's not, you may want to crank up account performance.

Options include:

1) Move Top Performing Boards
2) Optimize Important Boards
3) Increase Product/Content Visibility

Move Top Performing Boards
Reorganizing your boards will help your audience quickly find the things they care about most. To move your boards, simply drag and drop the boards Pinterest Analytics is identifying as your top 10 boards into the top two rows.

Optimize Important Boards
Are there boards that contain your product/content pins that you wish were performing better?

If there are, optimization strategies include:

1) Power up your board descriptions. Descriptions should be 10-25 words in length and filled with keyword-rich words that describe the pins on your board. The results for your effort will be improved search engine and Pinterest board search ranking. Improved ranking means more traffic.

2) Add more pins to your board. Typically, the boards with the most pins are the boards that get the most impressions. To get better performance from a particular board take it up to 100+ pins. If you're hoping for over-the-moon amazing results, do a little research. Search Pinterest boards with your board name to find out which board with the same name is ranking in the #1 spot (top left). Then jam-pack yours board with even more quality pins.

3) Schedule pins. Scheduling pins can change things for a particular board in three ways:

a) If there's a particular board that you want to make one of your superstar boards, schedule pins to that board every day. The increased impressions, clicks, and repins, will get Pinterest to notice. The result will be another boost in the search results.

b) Scheduling pins helps you to make sure pins get posted when Pinterest is bustling with traffic. More traffic means more impressions, repins, and clicks, for your pins.

c) Pinterest likes pinners that stay active, and will reward you for that activity by ranking pins and boards higher in search. Scheduling pins helps you stay active, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Increase Product/Content Visibility
Are there product/content pins that you wish were performing better? There are two simple ways to increase interest.

1) Schedule the product pin multiple times each week. If your pin image is attractive and your product is good, this strategy will likely skyrocket customer interest.

2) Create a second pin image and schedule that pin too. If the first image doesn't engage potential customers the second pin might.

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?