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How to Improve Your Pinterest Profile with Pinterest Analytics

Interested in making the most of your Pinterest profile? Pinterest Analytics can help.

While this tool can't tell you how to make your next pin go viral, it does have some great info on how to organize your boards so your audience quickly finds the things they care about most.

In the section of the analytics tool called "Your Pinterest Profile," you'll find four categories:

1) Impressions
2) Repins
3) Clicks
4) All-Time

Under the first three categories you'll find:

1) Boards with Top Pin Impressions
2) Boards with the Most Repinned Pins
3) Boards with the Most Clicked Pins

It's this info that will help you decide which boards should go right to the top of your collection of pin boards and which boards should go to the bottom - or perhaps be deleted all together.

Just drag and drop the top performing boards into the top rows of your Pinterest profile so visitors see them even before they scroll. That's it. You're optimized!