Pinterest Marketing Tips

Marketing on Pinterest Like a Pro :: Critical Tips for Success

If you're the average Pinterest marketer you're filling your boards with the best pins you can find, creating attractive pin images for your products, and publishing pins with a pin scheduling tool - and often never scheduling them again.

Did you know that it takes an average of 7 contacts with a prospective customer to turn them into a buyer?

If you're ready to apply a little elbow grease toward increasing your customer conversion rate, we have a few tips for you.

1) Making That First Contact
To even make that first contact pins must be attractive and eye-catching. They must also tell customers what solution your product provides, and include images that leave a lasting impression. Research tells us that the brain processes visual images up to 60,000 times faster than the same information in text. Images also have the ability to accelerate the processing of information, and are more easily transitioned into long-term memory. The take-way here is that people remember little about what they read, and a great deal about what they see.

Surveys also indicate that the first sales person to contact a prospective customer is 50% more likely to make the sale. For the Pinterest marketer, this means:

  • Putting your pins out there every day so customers see your product first.
  • Following new people on a regular basis.
  • Creating group boards for the purpose of contacting potential customers to invite them to participate.
  • Leaving thoughtful comments on pins.

2) Repetition Wins the Race
While some people will buy your product the first time they see it, many will need an opportunity to think things over. The following example illustrates how many of your potential customers may respond to your Pinterest pin:

1) The first time a potential customer looks though doesn't really see it.
2) The second time he's aware of your product, but has other things to do.
3) The third time he says, "There's that pin again!"
4) The fourth time he wonders if is worth a look.
5) The fifth time he takes a look.
6) The sixth time he thinks he'll buy it someday.
7) The seventh time he buys your product.

If you've been diligent to show him your product that many times your conversion rate is sure to show a marked improvement.

It should also be noted that Pinterest rewards the active account holder. Regular use of Pinterest for pinning, creating boards, and commenting not only help to make you pins more visible though your own efforts, but Pinterest will actively promote your pins and boards just because they're glad that you're visiting the site. This reward, by itself, will give you that first contact much more frequently.

3) Persistence
If you choose Pinterest to market your products, stick with Pinterest Marketing. Jay Conrad Levinson wrote is his best selling book, Guerilla Marketing, that great marketing is a commitment to a plan. It is that consistent and repetitive engagement with your campaign and your marketplace. Beginning and maintaining this mindset over the long term will guarantee your success.

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