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Pin Frequently :: A Diversified Approach to Pinterest Marketing

We didn't think reviewing endless analytics charts to arrive at a guess on when to share our pins was the most effective way to reach our customers. No matter how much time we spent looking at these statistics, we were not able to predict when our next potential customer would visit Pinterest.

In a book by top ranked investment strategist Ric Edelman, he presents an idea that is so fresh and so simple - "Buy Everything." He doesn't rely on graphs and charts to decide which stocks to buy. He buys everything. Because the S&P 500 has always grown over its long history, Edelman buys the stocks that make up the S&P 500 - all of them. If he wants his clients portfolios to do what the S&P 500 does, he needs to buy what the S&P 500 tracks. Simple.

We applied this idea to Pinterest marketing:

• Publish a wide variety of pins
• Publish at a wide variety of times

Pin Frequently. Repin Everything.

Our Story
We built a barebones pin tool and selected some of our best pins and great pins from our fellow pinners. Since the site we chose to market with our pin tool is mostly visited by a United States audience we chose to schedule pins when they're awake - 12Noon-12Mid EST. We also decided that 72 pins per day is the perfect number. It is right in keeping with the recommended 50-100 pins per day. We also chose to space them 10 minutes apart so nobody would be bummed about their home feed being jammed up with our pins.

We'd had our Pinterest Analytics tool tracking our repins for a few weeks, so we knew what was typical. We scheduled our pins and waited to see the results.

We were pretty confident we had something good and we were dazzled when we saw the results. Not only were we spending far less time managing our Pinterest marketing efforts, we saw more than twice as many pins being repinned. One day (the big spike on the chart below) we saw 602 repins - almost 300% better than our limited manual pinning efforts. Wow!

Everyone's business is different, and results will vary. We are, however, confident that Edelman's strategy works. It works as a principle for investing, and it works for Pinterest marketing.