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Pinterest Pin Schedulers Comparison Chart

Want to build a stronger marketing campaign on Pinterest, but don't know which pin scheduler to choose? Four pin schedulers are compared below, based on price, features, and stats. They're presented in order based on price, from lowest price to highest price for comparable plans.

Built to save time and eliminate the guesswork. TW doesn't rely on historical data to deliver member success. TW's EasyQ™, a looping 7-day queue, simply allows members to easily publish enough pins (up to 72 per day) to always be present - whenever a potential customer visits Pinterest. "AutoClear" keeps boards clear of duplicate pins and keeps your boards at a browsable size automatically, and you can manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.

Stats: Month-to-Date and All-Time Stats

Price: $9/Month for Growing Business/Annual Billing

Features a "Smart Scheduling" tool which helps you publish pins at better times based on historical data generated for your account. Stats indicate success rates of individual pins and follower growth. You also have the ability to clone pins to many boards, and manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.

Stats: 7-Day Archive

Price: $9.99/Month for Plus Plan/Annual Billing

Features a "Pin Dripping" tool to generate additional traffic by recyclying pins. You can recycle new pins or old pins. This scheduler also includes a hashtag suggestion tool to help you breathe new life into old pins, the ability schedule pins in bulk, edit pins individually or in bulk, and manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.

Stats: 30-Day Archive

Price: $10/Month for Starter Plan/Annual Billing

Features a best times to pin tool based on Google Analytics stats and their "Evergreen Post" tool which recycles pins for increased engagement. The Evergreen Post tool gives you the ability to add any post to your Evergreen content library or select pins from your top posts.

Stats: 30-Day Archive

Price: $24/Month for Individual Plan/Annual Billing

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