Tips for Success

The Pinterest Marketing Master List :: 25 Tips

Pinterest marketing is easy if you know what steps to take. Below is a 25 tip checklist that will help you make a big splash on Pinterest.

Your Site

1) Know what your big keywords are. Include them in your titles, URL's and content. They will help with the success of your site and with Pinterest marketing.

2) Make your website/blog Pinterest ready with pinnable photos and graphics on each page.

3) Allow your site visitors quick access to your content by placing the pinnable image to the right or left of your content, rather than before your content.

4) Add a Pinterest button in a prominant place on each page of your site.

On Pinterest

5) Make your account a business account. You'll be able to "Verify" your account to make your business seem more trustworthy.

6) Track your success with Pinterest Analytics.

7) Dress up your Pinterest profile with a great image. Consider whether to brand yourself, including an awesome photo. Also consider representing your company with a logo.

8) Name your boards with popular keywords. Try a creative approach. A lighthearted fun name may attract more followers.

9) Write board descriptions and choose categories. Be personable. It's a social media site after all.

10) Search for pins to fill your boards with Pinterest search. If pins have been winners already, they'll probably be winners for you too.

11) Make your descriptions short, informative and intriguing. Try to do it all in 25 words or less.

12) Pin great photos and graphics. If they're appealing to you, they'll be appealing to other people too.

13) Design pins with colors that pop. Great color combinations that pop include red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow.

14) Generally, pins designed at 736 pixels wide by 1103 pixels tall perform the best. If you need more space, go for it... just not smaller.

15) Make a big list of your most popular pins, including pins from fellow pinners. Repin 50-100 pins from this list every day. Repin this list again next week. Freshen things up every few weeks with new pins.

16) Make sure each board has at least 10 pins. They typically do better if they do.

17) Include your URL in your pin description. People can click to visit your site faster.

18) Try multiple images for the same content. One may work better than the other.

19) Follow 20 inspiring pin boards each and every day.

20) Be ready for potential followers. They're looking for quality pins, how many pins you have, the number of boards you have, and by far the number of users you follow. If you're account isn't dazzling yet, add a little every day.

21) Make the "Like" your secret weapon. If another pinner follows you, and their pins aren't right for your boards, "Like" one of their pins instead. It's a great way to say that you're interested in what they're doing too.

More Ideas

22) Include Pinterest pin images in your newsletter for subscribers to click on. It's a great way to gain new followers, and share your pins.

23) Use to find new group board to join. Make sure it's a quality board with many repins.

24) Let your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers know you're on Pinterest.

25) When you can, automate. Some tasks like "commenting" need thoughtful consideration, as it is a reflection of your company. Other tasks can be automated, like Pinterest repins.