Pinterest Marketing Tips

Power Up the "Like" in Pinterest Marketing

We pin, pin, pin, follow, follow, follow, and pin some more in a effort to attract a few folks to the products we have to offer. Often ignored is the "Like."

Here are two tips on how to turn this often ignored resource into a valuable asset in your Pinterest marketing tool belt.

1) "Like" to Thank
Repinning a fellow pinners pin is the most valued way you can say thanks for pinning my pin, but it's not always the best thing for you. Their pin might not be right for your boards and it may register as a big dud with your audience. "Like" the pin instead. It will let them know you care and support what they're doing, while keeping your boards focused on things your audience cares about most.

2) "Like" What Reflects Well On Your Brand
Each and every "Like" on Pinterest reflects your brand. It's visible. So when you send that warm and fuzzy feeling back to your fellow pinner, make sure you're liking something that maintains that basic feeling about your company that people already have.

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?