Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Scheduling Tips

If your reading this you're probably ready to take your social media marketing to a whole new level. Statistically speaking, that's exactly what scheduling does for your social media presence. Scheduling helps put your content in front of the people that care about your products at the perfect time, on the perfect day, and far more often, in a way that is far more effective than you could achieve through manual efforts.

The Perfect Day
The "perfect day" to schedule to social media is the day when your content will be the most meaningful and the most viewed. Monday through Thursday are the biggest days of the week for internet traffic. They're also days when most people are working. Scheduling social media content that helps people make their jobs more meaningful, more productive, or maybe just a little more fun will be most successful. Friday is a day when people begin to think more about the weekend. Providing ideas for the family will be the most successful. Saturday morning is a great time to share your best home improvement tips and more activities for the day. On Sunday internet traffic is still pretty light for most websites and people are thinking about Monday. It's a great time to start sharing products and ideas for the workplace again.

The big idea here is to consider what your target market needs and be there when they need it. However, that doesn't mean you stop sharing other great content.

The Perfect Time
People are always searching for solutions to make their lives better, and certain hours of the day are often better than others. These sweet spots are times for you to get your best content out there. That doesn't mean you abandon marketing during the down time. It just means try not to miss those peak hours.


  • High traffic times are between 2PM-4PM EST and 8PM-12MID EST
  • High traffic days are Monday through Thursday
  • Pinterest Experts recommend pinning 30-100 pins per day


  • The best times to tweet and retweet are between 12NOON and 6PM EST
  • The best days to tweet are during the middle of the week and on the weekend
  • Experts recommend tweeting 1-4 times per hour


  • High traffic times are around 12NOON
  • The best day to post is Saturday
  • Experts recommend posting one update every other day

Social Media Tools
Now that you have "when" and "how often" squared away you're ready for a list of tools to achieve your goals. For Facebook and Twitter we recommend HootSuite and TweetDeck. For Google+ we recommend DoShare. For Pinterest, the TrafficWonker team would be glad to help you create and automate your pin scheduling campaign.

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?