Social Media Marketing Tips

The Content Marketing Checklist : 5 Steps

Based on in-depth research and opinions of top blogger and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, this content marketing checklist guides you toward the creation and sharing of your next viral post.

1) Research

  • Research your keywords by spying on the competition. What got them to the top, will get you there too.
  • Find out what topics people care about most. Originality is a good thing, but it should also be based on something that is popular.

2) Write

  • Begin with a compelling keyword-rich title. It's much easier to fulfill the goal created by your title, than to reverse engineer a title.
  • Posts over 1,000 words perform far better then short posts. So, make it meaningful and write in depth. Your reward will be great!
  • Use subheadings so visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.
  • Illustrate your point. Posts with at least one image are shared twice as much as those without an image.
  • Articles with a byline and personal stories that people can relate to get shared more often.

3) Add Image

  • Create a graphic that is perfect for Pinterest. There are many web-based graphics creation services that make even the novice look like a pro.

4) Share Away

  • Tuesday is generally the best day to post on social networks, though it's best to test to discover if it's best for you. Tuesday is also the most productive day of the week. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday come in second.
  • Send your email list a link to your most recent post.
  • Consider "Boosting" your post with a paid Facebook campaign.
  • Would your content benefit from video advertising? Think

5) Reschedule

  • Going viral might not happen the first time you post your content. It may take a few reposts to get top influencers to notice.

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