Tips for Success

14 Ways to Unleash the Power of Pinterest

So you're ready to make a big splash on Pinterest? The following tips are organized from the very first steps, that should be regarded as a checklist, to the ones that will be a big part of everyday life as a Pinterest marketer. Let's get started.

1) Create Boards
Many Pinterest accounts have 50-100 boards and thousands of pins. Don't worry. They were new once too. Start with 20 boards, with a minimum of 10 pins per board. Choose strong keywords for titles and descriptions, and select a category. Keep your boards focused on stuff your company is all about.

2) Select Board Covers
Choose images with interesting designs and vibrant color. Browse Pinterest search again to look for images that catch your eye. If they draw you in, they'll draw others in too.

3) Select Pins
Want to pin things that your fellow pinners will be interested in? Use the Pinterest search engine to find highly repinned pins. Fill your boards with these pins. Once you get established you can begin to add original pins of web content that you find valuable. In the beginning you can't go wrong when you're pinning pins that have a strong and proven track record.

4) Invite Friends
Friends are your first great resource to get things going. Facebook and email will most likely be your best ways to connect with friends and ask them to follow you on Pinterest.

5) Analytics
Set up your Pinterest and Google Analytics accounts so you can measure the success of your marketing efforts.

6) Follow Pinterest Users
Now that your boards are filled with a nice assortment of quality pins, you're ready to start attracting your fellow pinners. The best way to start is to search Pinterest again, hunting for boards with the same titles as the boards you have already created. Make it a goal to follow your fellow pinners daily. Some marketers follow 500 pinners a day.

7) Follow Back
Some folks will follow you first. Follow them back. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and keeps them interested in what you're sharing. Some Pinterest marketers may be using a auto-follow/auto-unfollow tool. If they are, follow back quickly so they don't bail.

8) Pin and Repin
Now that you've starting attracting an audience, begin to repin your pins. By doing this you'll be sending them out into the home feed where many more people will discover them.

9) Design Great Images
Quality images are mighty important on Pinterest. They are indeed a make-or-break factor. If you haven't had any experience designing images before we have good news for you. The following article - 10 Design Tools for Pinterest Images - has tools that can turn even a novice into a designer to behold.

10) Optimize Images for Search
The first and most important element when working to optimize your images for the Pinterest search engine is your description. It should be short and keyword rich, and should let pinners know exactly what they'll find when they visit your website. Also consider the names you give to your images. They should also be keyword rich and possibly include alt tags and descriptions.

11) Readjust Boards
By now some boards may be showing signs of being more popular than others. Move the most popular boards to the top row. During the holidays, move the appropriate holiday boards to the top row.

12) Promote Popular Pins
Consider promoting popular pins in email newsletters and on you Facebook page. It's a great way to turn your subscribers and Facebook friends into your marketing team.

13) Delete the Duds
Delete pins and boards that your audience is just not interested in. It will likely increase your follower rate and repins because your content is now a higher quality.

14) Respond to Comments
People that comment on your pins are often fans of your product. Let them know how much you appreciate them by simply responding to their comment.