Pinterest Marketing Tips

14 Ways to Unleash the Power of Pinterest

Ready to make a big splash on Pinterest? The following tips are organized from the very first steps, that should be regarded as a checklist, to the ones that will be a big part of everyday life as a Pinterest marketer. Let's get started.

1) Create Boards
After you've set up your business account, you'll begin creating boards. How many boards? We asked that question too, and decided to conduct a study. Our post, How Many Pinterest Boards is Too Many? showed us that top pinners with 300+ followers have an average of 56 boards. Don't worry, you don't have to do it all today. Begin by creating 10-15 boards, with a minimum of 20 pins per board. You're most important boards should include 100+ pins to perform well in Pinterest search. Choose strong keywords for titles and descriptions, and select a category.

Every board you create should be focused on things your customer will find helpful.

2) Select Board Covers
Board cover images should be engaging and include vibrant colors. Browse Pinterest search again to look for images that catch your eye. If they draw you in, they'll draw others in too.

3) Select Pins
Want to pin things that your fellow pinners will be interested in? Use the Pinterest search engine to find highly-repinned pins. Fill your boards with these pins. It's nice to add original pins from sites you visit, but in the beginning you want to fill your boards with pins that have a proven track record.

4) Invite Friends
Friends are your first great resource to get things going. Facebook and email will most likely be your best ways to connect with friends and ask them to follow you on Pinterest.

5) Analytics
Analytics apps help you determine what visitors are interested in, what device they are using when they visit your site, and what sites are referring traffic. To monitor Pinterest traffic Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics are highly recommended free tools.

6) Follow Other Pinners
Now that your boards are filled with a nice assortment of quality pins, you're ready to start attracting your fellow pinners. Searching Pinterest for boards with the same titles as the boards you're already created is a great place to start. Make it a goal to follow pinners every day. About 5% will follow you back.

7) Follow Back
Some folks will follow you first. Follow them back. It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy and keeps them interested in what you're sharing. Some Pinterest marketers may be using a auto-follow/auto-unfollow tool. If they are, follow back quickly so they don't bail.

8) Repin Products/Content
If you've attracted 200+ followers you should be begin to schedule repins of your product/content pins and curated fellow pinner pins. Scheduled pins gain incredible visibility in the Pinterest SmartFeed, helping your pins to be present throughout the day - whenever a potential customer visits Pinterest.

9) Design Great Images
High-quality, impactful pins is the first step to attracting attention for your products/content. If you're the one wearing the design hat, but don't have any experience as a designer we have good news for you. Our 10 Design Tools for Pinterest Images post recommends many easy-to-use tools that can help novice designers create images that are more than refrigerator worthy.

10) Optimize Images for Search
The first and most important element when working to optimize your pins for the Pinterest search engine is your description. Your description should be short and keyword rich, telling pinners know exactly what they'll find when they visit your website. In close second is the name you give to your pinnable image. It should also be keyword rich, include some if not all of the title from the page it will be linking to.

Pinterest is really more of a search engine than a social media site. Learning every thing you can about SEO (search engine optimization) will give you an edge over the competition.

11) Optimize Board Order
If your Pinterest account has been active for at least a few weeks Pinterest Analytics will be able to tell you which boards are more active that others. Move the most popular boards to the top row. Prior to a holiday move the appropriate holiday board to the top row. Then back to the bottom following the holiday.

12) Promote Popular Pins
There are quite a few ways to get the word out about your pins, including:

1) Email Newsletter - You probably already let your subscribers know every time you write a post or create a new product. Do you let them know which posts are popular on Pinterest?
2) Facebook - You probably post an update when you write your posts, but do you repost your best updates? It takes less time to create the update, and the chances it will be as successful again are high.
3) Promoted Pins - Have you considered launching a Promoted Pins campaign? You'll need to decide if the return on investment (ROI) makes it worth doing, but it's definitely something to consider.

13) Delete the Duds
Delete pins and boards that your audience isn't interested in. You will likely attract more followers because your pins are consistently high in quality.

14) Respond to Comments
People that comment on your pins are often fans of your product. Let them know how much you appreciate them by responding to their comment.

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?