Pinterest Marketing Tipss

Why Some Pinterest Marketers Miss the Boat...or Sink It

It's easy to just set up a Pinterest account, and then go crazy filling your boards with cool pins. Unfortunately, filling random boards with random pins is why Pinterest marketers often miss the boat... or sink it.

The following four questions will help you to zero in on what's important to the very folks you're trying to reach - and get your boat sailing strong.

1) What Will My "Mantra" Be?
A mantra is a short statement about your company that is easy to remember and repeat. Creating this phrase is the first step toward keeping your boards focused. Then, every time you're about to repin a pin, ask yourself if it fits your mantra. Posting the phrase at the top of your Pinterest profile will also help potential followers to know who you are very quickly.

2) What Kind of Pins Will Be Most Helpful?
People search Pinterest for "solutions." If you give them pins that provide great solutions, they may consider you a good resource for more information. The result is a new follower.

We think Whole Foods is an awesome example of how to do it right. They created a set of boards that give their followers a tons of helpful tips on how to use the food they sell in the form of taste tempting recipes. Brilliant!

We also like Etsy's example. They pin top products from their site on several boards, and include a gift board and a DIY projects board. Then in an incredible braining-storming moment they opened things up for guest pinners, giving each of these pinners their own board. Every one of these boards is marketed by Etsy and these power pinners including the likes of and Woman's Day. With 500,000+ followers they must be doing something right.

3) How Can I Get My Followers to Repin My Content?
Getting your pins repinned starts with quality pins. Once you've collected a fair amount of pins, begin evaluating what's working and what's not. Start scheduling those follower favorites to be repinned on a regular basis. If you give your followers great pins they'll be excited to share them with others.

4) How Can I Make My Pinterest Pins More Searchable?
The last piece of the puzzle is getting your pins to be highly ranked when people look for pins with the Pinterest search box.

There are two things you can do right off the bat. Then slowly and diligently tackle the third.

a) Give your pins a keyword rich image name

b) Give your pins a short keyword rich description

c) Attract followers that will build the "repin" and "like" counts on each of your pins by repining your pins to their boards and/or "liking" them

Ready to see how easy Pinterest marketing can be?