Getting Started


Traffic Wonker's unique set of tools provides members better results with less work. Our tool set provides freedom to the most experienced Pinterest marketer, while the default settings give the Pinterest marketing novice outstanding results.

AutoPilot Publishing
AutoPilot publishing is automation at its best. Members don't need to refill their queue week after week because TW's queue never runs out of pins. Our 7-day queue is constantly looping, saving you time, and helping you to make those important multiple contacts with potential customers that significantly increase sales.

Add product pins and fellow pinner pins, and pick your schedule. Then every 2-3 months freshen up your queue with new fellow pinner pins.

EasyQ™ helps you take the guesswork out of scheduling pins. Rather than guessing what time would be best to pin, TW makes it easy to publish up to 72 pins throughout the day so you never miss the opportunity to connect with a potential customer.

Queue Pins - Add pins one at a time or use our FastFill™ tool to add your curated pins in bulk.

Shuffle Queue - Re-sort pins manually if you want to publish them at specific times each day, or automatically.

Measure Success - Know which pins are successful or unsuccessful by checking for green dots (successful) or red dots (unsuccessful) in the top right corner of every pin in your queue.

SmartShuffle™ can re-sort your queue each week automatically. Not only will your pins be published in a different order, but your company's pins will be evenly distributed among your fellow pinner's pins. If you keep more pins in your queue than those scheduled to be published, a SmartShuffle™ re-sort will result in a varied set of pins each week.

Want to schedule pins at specific times? Just turn SmartShuffle "OFF," and drag and drop pins until they are perfectly arranged.

AutoClear™ deletes the duplicate pin before it is published again and keeps your boards at a browsable size - automatically.

Multiple Accounts
Want to be able to easily toggle between multiple account queues? We've got you covered there too. All your pin scheduling needs can be managed within one dashboard. Adding an account is easy. Just head to your "My Account" page and click "Add Account." When you return to your queue you'll be able to easily toggle between all accounts.

Ready to start saving hours each week, and get better results for your effort?