Maximize Your Repins
Want to maximize your visibility on Pinterest? Want your pins to rank better in Pinterest search? Want to build "social proof" for your products? Repins will get you there. We crunched the numbers in our data-driven study, The Science of Scheduling Pinterest Pins, and discovered that posting 72 pins a day is optimal for attracting repins. TrafficWonker was built to help you maximize your repins - and make it easy. Take Tour

Save Time
We were our own first customer. We didn't want to get caught in the never ending cycle of filling our queue over and over again forever, or spend endless hours queueing pins that don't get repinned. TrafficWonker's queue never runs out of pins because it's constantly looping, helping you to save time and get better results.Take Tour

Eliminate the Guesswork
Most schedulers make you guess what time to pin. They might even suggest a few times, but they're guessing too. Rather than guessing, why not pin at all the right times? TrafficWonker makes it easy to post up to 72 pin per day - throughout the day - so you never miss an opportunity to connect with a potential customer. Take Tour

Easy To Learn
Click a button. Add a pin. That's it! The WonkerBots will post it on the day and board you picked. Sure, you can get fancy if you want - or it can be as simple as that. Take Tour

Maintain Perfect Boards with AutoClear™
TrafficWonker's AutoClear™ tool helps you enjoy the benefits of repinning, while avoiding the manual effort required to maintain duplicate free boards. Take Tour

Are there more benefits to looping? Yep.

Pin consistently and Pinterest rewards you for staying active by ranking your boards higher in search. Miss days because you didn’t keep your queue filled and all bets are off.

Did you know it takes an average of seven contacts with a potential customer to make a sale? Looping helps you make those important repeat contacts, as well as build trust in your brand.

Ready to jump in?